The Rain of the Dapper Cadavers

by The Dapper Cadavers

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we have finally emerged into the internet cybersphere, no longer shrouded in the mystery of telecommunicative anonymity. we'll keep this updated with our whereabouts, though we're never far from southeast gladstone street in portland, oregon.

flotsam /(noun)/: 1. floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo; broadly, floating debris 2. a floating population, as of emigrants, castaways, or vagrants 3. unimportant miscellaneous material.

like any assembly of flotsam, our cast is always changing, swelling and contracting with soggy winter sagatuating and summer galavanting, and of course, always floating in disarray, four years the result of the first shipwreck that brought us all together. never without vagrants, castaways, and emigrants, and always with miscellaneous, if not unimportant, percussive material in tow, the dapper cadavers are, for the time being...

Emily - accordian, vocals
Will - fiddle
Hazel - banjo, guitar, vocals
Lynnae - guitar, vocals
Noel - guitar
Tom - upright bass

“The Rain of the Dapper Cadavers” is a journey through contemporary Americana, setting out with ghastly dirges reminiscent of sacred harp chorales, into the klezmer and gypsy traditionals one would find in Gilded Era Brooklyn, into heartfelt accordion ballads meant to be sung into the bracing Minnesota winds, and to finally close with a taste of the new-time old-time music.


released May 10, 2010




The Dapper Cadavers Portland, Oregon

The Dapper Cadavers are purveyors of a rare musical tapestry of contemporary Americana, replete with ghastly dirges reminiscent of sacred harp chorales, driving refrains of the new-time old-time music, bluesy funerary ballads, and the chimerical inventions of Hazel Rickard’s songwriting. With a graveyard of past members, the Cadavers are Will Munger, Hazel Rickard, Kyle Butz, and Tom Fenollosa. ... more

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